The Tour de France comes to Somerville

Redbones has once again proved why we love it so much: it took two of our favorite things –eating and biking– and combined them in one awesome event. It’s holding a Tour de France Bike Breakfast this coming Wednesday, July 25, where people can eat breakfast, hang out with some fellow cycling enthusiasts, and watch a mountain stage of the Tour de France (Orthez – Gourete Col d’Aubisque). Some of the Urban AdvenTours crew made it last week and had a blast. There’s even a photo of some of the UA crowd on Redbone’s events page!

If you don’t know a lot about the race here’s a little run down. The competition is in its 94th year, and 2007’s race began July 7 running through July 29. There are 20 stages, which include various terrain, and will cover a total distance of 3,550 kilometers (that’s 2206 miles to some of us shaky with the metric system).

Let me just say that there is nothing like watching a mad rush of cyclists tearing up the mountains of France to get you amped for a ride of your own. The weather has been pretty inviting here in Boston and all I can say is it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to ride on over to Redbones next Wednesday (they’re offering free bike valet), enjoy the food and company, and then hop on a city tour with UA. Well, that’s what we’re planning on doing!

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