Used Bikes: Don’t Throw it Away!

We often get people in the shop asking if we buy used bikes. For the record, we do not. So what to do with that dusty old clunker that’s been sitting in your basement since your kids moved to college? Before you leave it on the curb for the garbageman, here are some options to consider:

1. Roll it Forward is a project of Boston Bikes and the Public Health Commission. The program collects old bikes, repairs them, and donates them to low-income Boston residents. They’ll take anything but are ideally looking for bikes that only need minor repairs, and are in most need of kids bikes. Bikes can be dropped off at a number of collection locations including most EMS bike shops. You can also drop them off at the L.L. Bean Bike Drive April 26-28 and receive 30% off the purchase of a new bike.

2. Bikes Not Bombs will take pretty much anything that’s not too rusty. Bikes, parts, tools, and accessories are all accepted. Drop them off at their Jamaica Plain headquarters on weekdays, at a bike drive, or at one of the many volunteer drop off points in the suburbs. Your bike parts will be shipped overseas to help economically developing countries, or used in a city youth program.

3. Quad Bikes of Cambridge is a non-profit that refurbishes old bikes and resells them. Much of their inventory comes from bikes that have been abandoned on Harvard’s campus, but they also take donations at their location in Radcliffe Quadrangle (open Tuesday-Saturday afternoons and nights). They will sometimes even buy your bike for a very low price if it’s in good condition.

4. As the weather gets warmer, many church groups and other organizations will be holding fundraising yard sales and many of them accept bicycle donations. For example, the Friends of Pepperell are holding their annual used bike sale on April 27th. Drop off at 152 Heald St. in Pepperell or call 978-835-0133 for more information.

5. If all else fails, sell it/give it away on Craigslist! Or make it into art, or a garden trellis!

Bike Trellis

Bike Trellis

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