Surviving Sandy

We hope this post finds you all safe and sound! For those of you in the Eastern US, you probably know what this is about. For those of you in other parts of the world, you may have missed it.
Photo credit NWS
A massive hurricane, Sandy, ripped through the northeast on Monday and Tuesday of this week and did a number on New England, particularly New York, Connecticut, Long Island, and Rhode Island.
Fortunately, here in Boston, we were lucky enough to have very little damage compared to New York and Atlantic City. Strong storms like this one are historically rare in this part of North America, and we hope that everyone’s recovery will be a quick one!
As for Boston, the biggest problem seems to be downed branches in the bike lanes – a small problem compared to flooded subways and underwater streets. Ride safe and keep an eye out for debris in the street!

Keep it wheel,

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