Featured Cyclists: Mike & Liz R.

Mike and Liz visited Boston and joined us for a tour in August.  Since their return home we have kept in touch and enjoyed seeing pictures of them in their I Bike Boston shirts!

Mike & Liz

Q: Where do you live?
A: Both Liz and I live in Trinidad,W.I

Q: How often do you ride?
A: We both are keep fit, recreational cyclists, I for the last 28 yrs.

Q: What has your experience been with Urban AdvenTours?
A: We enjoyed our short ride with you and Liz is now committed to 30 miles on weekends.  We enjoyed Boston and would like to return

Q: What type of bike do you ride?  Do you have multiple bikes?
A: I’ve been through 3 road bikes and 2 mountain bikes, and presently ride a SPECIALIZED CROSSTRAIL 29er and have logged over 3000 miles in 1 1/2 yrs.  I have ordered a SPECIALIZED road bike and will take delivery on my 63rd birthday this December

Q: What is your favorite ride in your hometown?
A: Our favorite ride is a 2.9 mile loop that takes us through a golf course and ‘bamboo cathedral’ a large growth of bamboo that forms and aerial arch and is 1/4 ml long and shaded. On early rides red howler monkeys can be sometimes spotted in the trees

Bamboo Cathedral

Q: Any bike-centric rides in your future?
A: We are looking for a multiple day bike tour next summer, 4 to 6 days scenic ride in pleasant company, meeting new like minded people.  We are in training for next year’s ADVENTURE! Mystic Seaport and surrounding countryside seems ideal for multiple day ride.  Maybe?

Thanks Mike & Liz!  Keep us updated with your I Bike Boston photos and come for another ride when you are back in town!


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