Featured Cyclist: Daniel L.

Daniel L., one of Urban AdvenTours first customers, has changed his life through cycling.  Although he resides in Florida, Daniel returns to UA whenever he is in Boston, and we are honored to present him as our first Featured Cyclist.

Daniel L.

Q: When did you first begin cycling as an adult?

A: When I turned 40

Q: How has your life changed after you began riding?

A:  From 223 lbs to 163 lbs

Q: What is your favorite ride in Boston?

A:  Around the Charles River

Q: When did you first begin working with Urban AdvenTours?

A:  Andrew gave me the tour. I think it was one of the first tours of the company. I was visiting Boston for my class reunion.

Q: Any advice for beginning city riders?

A: Buy the most expensive bike you can afford. Buy a head lamp and start riding at least 3 times a week. If the weather is not cooperating, try spinning at any fitness club or just walk on the treadmill. Plan your ride in advance using Garmin or any other GPS device and log ALL workouts. I use an App “Lose it” to log all my food and exercises. Try at least one long ride in the weekend, explore new parts of the city, get lost!. Stop for coffee/beer if you see other bikers there. Going alone for a ride has never stopped me from enjoying the fresh air. Learn to change a tire, explore YOUTUBE on how to do it. It is very simple.

Q: What type of bike do you ride?

A: Trek Madone 5.5

Q: Do you have multiple bikes?

A: 3: road, mountain and folding.


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