Featured Cyclist: Charles L.

One of our hardest working guides in 2012, Charles L. brings his local Bostonian knowledge on every tour he gives!  After living all over the city, Charles can tell stories about every place in Boston.  Here he talks bikes:

 Charles L.

I have been riding bicycles pretty much since they were invented. I ride basically as a commuter, when conditions are good, and as either a trail rider or sightseer. I ride for fun. Well I like to save on gas too.

I own several bikes mostly old,very old, ten speeds. Some slightly modified, some not. I also have a trail bike that I enjoy riding when I want a quick work out close to home. The trail I do that on is…. oh never mind. If no one is on it I can ride it fast and not worry about crashing into people coming from the other direction. If you really want to know see me at the end of a tour and perhaps we could come to some sort of arrangement.

I have been at UA  this past year and really enjoyed it. It’s something I do for fun as well, but don’t tell the boss that, I would not to give him the wrong idea. What I enjoy about it is meeting people from everywhere.  I was born and raised in Boston UA stresses a quality tour with good information so many of the things I know and almost took for granted I’ve wanted to become more familiar with. Boston is a great city with history, architecture and a tremendous educational and youthful culture and I think people pick up on that on these tours.

In my real life I am a Physical Education teacher in the oldest continously operated public school in America. The Mather school started in 1639 and I am the second person hired there. A great gig for me. The kids have no idea what to make of me – it’s a management technique.

Advice that I would give beginning cyclists in a city is be careful, cars always win, be respectful it comes back at you, and be an advocate. Bicycling improves the quality of life in cities. Infrastructure will improve if we advocate/ride for it. Bicycling is a phenomenal way to do something for both yourself – exercise IS medicine – and the cities we live in.

Now back to the tour……….

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