Featured Cyclist: Bob M.

Bob M. is a close friend of one of our guides, Bill! An accomplished cyclist, Bob continues riding with friends despite an Alzheimers diagnosis.

Bob M

Bob rode for 6 days in Yellowstone averaging 48 miles a day!

Q: How long have you been riding in Boston?
A: I started riding in Boston back when my knees started complaining about my running and tennis, about 5 years ago.

Q: What type of bike do you ride?
A: I ride a carbon road bike (Giant).

Q: Do you have multiple bikes?
A: No, although I have an old hybrid on my indoor trainer

Q: What’s your favorite ride in the Boston area?
A: Through the hills of Dover or off into Concord, and in Boston around the water.

Q: How often do you ride and to where?
A: I have just recently moved to Westchester County in New York and now ride the hills here, probably two – three times a week, averaging 30 – 40 miles a ride. I intend to continue cycling in Boston when we go back to visit friends

Q: When did you start riding?
A: I started riding in earnest after my diagnosis of early onset Alzheimers. It does wonders for my mood and cognition, as well as keeping me fit.

Q: What is your best cycling experience? Any impressive rides you have done?
A: My best is a toss up between 2 Backroads trips, one to Normandy and one to Yellowstone.
I have done a couple of Sea Gull Century Rides, and a metric century ride, the Memory Ride. I was one of the top individual fund raisers for the Alzheimers ride last year.

Q: How has your cycling been impacted as you age?
A: Because of my Alzheimers diagnosis, I must now ride with a companion so I don’t get lost and so that I don’t forget to keep RIGHT!!! Also, cycling is much easier on my bone on bone knee. I really feel as though I will ride forever.


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