Some wintry AdvenTours

Boston never fails to leave us guessing. This time yesterday we had total whiteout conditions, and we’re still here snow/shine to keep you rolling. It looked like it might never stop snowing:

Not exactly the most bike friendly weather

But now the roads are mostly cleared and it’s a sunny bluebird day. Go figure. So instead of just dealing with Boston’s wacky weather all throughout the holiday break, Chief Wheel Officer Andrew headed down to the Big Apple to visit some of our partners.

Chrome, who we love, now has a shop in NYC in addition to their flagship spot out in San Fransisco. Sam was running the show while Andrew was there, and what an incredibly bike-friendly show it was!

An indoor bike rack for those super classy Manhattanites

While we Bostonians may still have some little brother jealousy towards NYC, the Chrome store also demonstrates that there’s a pretty great bike scene up here too. Why yes, that is a Geekhouse hanging right there in the front entrance of the shop!

Boston well represented with a handmade Geekhouse

Thanks for the warm welcome Sam, Andrew’s off to visit your homeland next. Stay tuned for AdvenTours updates from San Fransisco!

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