Graduation Day – Sustainability

Like the millions of students that have endeavored in higher education in Boston, we finally earned a degree of our own. For the past year the staff at Urban AdvenTours have been working closely with the team at the Sustainable Business Network to enrich our green practices.

The program started by measuring baselines in many different categories. From there we came up with measurable action items in each category like energy consumption, waste management, transportation and more. The breadth of the program was quite exhausting from the top to bottom; every aspect of the business was considered.

In action we were able to partner with companies like ThinkLite to overhaul our archaic lighting system to cooler (literally) and more efficient LED lighting. Beyond that we were given the contacts and resources to have the rest of our lighting/heating/cooling audited for free and were given incentivised upgrades to these systems.

We have always considered ourselves a green organization but it was very helpful to have a third party look at our company from a holistic perspective and be able to give us measures and objective standards and goals to meets. In the long run all of our upgrades both save energy and pay for themselves in energy savings. There is no reason that responsible energy use can’t be a priority for everyone.

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  1. Many congrats to all the graduates. I am hopeful that you will go a long way in making earth green.Getting your company checked by a third party gives evidence of your credibility.My best wishes in your mission.

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