Bike Tours for a ‘Greener’ Boston

Welcome to the first ‘Urban AdvenTours’ Boston biking blog. Being that it is 8 degrees outside, to be honest, we aren’t biking anywhere today. Not that we couldn’t, it’s just that we’ve decided not to. And the ‘Urban Mobile’, which runs on recycled vegetable-oil from our friends at Prezza in the North End, it doesn’t have any bike deliveries to make today. So instead, we are going to take the T. We’ll gaze out the windows on the red line over the Charles and think about how soon enough, those frozen waters will be filled with sailboats. Urban AdvenTours will be biking along the Charles with people from all over the world, including Boston, showing them that this city is best explored on two wheels. On cold days like this, we really feel we’ve done a great job fighting global warming(brrrrr), but we never forget our fight to be the most eco-friendly company in Beantown as we bike for a better Boston! As we say, ‘keep it wheel!’

‘Urban Mobile’

4 responses to “Bike Tours for a ‘Greener’ Boston”

  1. tramadol says:

    It is a very interesting story. Thanks!

  2. Alex says:

    Glad to see you’ve got a blog up. All the better that it’s power by sustainable energy. Keep it wheel!

  3. Michelle says:

    nice photo, chief wheel officer

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