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E-Bikes: Pedaling (with Assist!) into the Future


We had our lovely Specialized rep, Nat, in the shop the other week to talk e-bikes: what’s the deal, what’s the market, and what’s the future. And it turns out (to nobody’s surprise): the future is e-bikes!

As you know, we already rent mid-drive electric assist bikes like the Specialized Turbo Como below, and you can always upgrade to an e-bike on any one of our Boston Bike Tours for just $35 (based on availability).


We continue to see more and more e-bike rentals and e-bikes on our commutes in to work. We’ve got new and used models for sale over at Urban Cycles, and as always, feel free to swing by and as us any e-bike related questions you may have!

See Boston with ease when you rent a pedal-assist electric bicycle. Enjoy a smooth ride and instantaneous power, propelling you up hills and helping you tour the city. All of our electric bikes are Class 1 and so do not have a throttle. You simply pedal like a regular bike!