Pop champagne to celebrate le Tour with CYCLE Kids

The view of the final stage of Tour de France is going to be great from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Or better yet from the Urban AdvenTours private balcony chateau in Paris while we sip wine and nibble on cheese. Oh wait! We’re having too much fun tuning your bikes and giving five star tours to make it to France this year.

All along the Seine

From Velonews.com

Well, for those of us who will be staying in Boston during the last stage with an intense need for a more authentic taste of the Tour, CYCLE Kids has invited us all to their Tour de France Party, Sunday July 24th at 7pm.

CYCLE Kids will be serving crepes and champagne and will rig up a few technological devices and gadgets together at Ride Studio Café in Lexington Center so that we can view the final leg of le Tour. Tickets for the event cost $40 and the proceeds will be used towards the implementation of biking and nutrition programs in four of Medford’s public elementary schools.

Ride your own mini-tour by joining the group bike ride to the event. Check out cyclekids.org for more information. CYCLE Kids supports health and fitness for children and is a great partner in getting more people biking in Boston.

Whether biking or driving, make sure not to drink too much bubbly. I think we have seen enough injuries for one tour.

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