Fat Bike Rentals

Want to check out the newest craze in cycling? Take a ride along the beach, play in the dirt, or breathe fresh forest air? Check out our Fat Bike rentals!

ares fatbike

Standard Fat Bike

The Reid Ares is our standard fatbike offering, featuring giant 4″ tires, a wide range of gears, and a huge standover height so you don’t get bogged down if you have to put your foot down. Great for riding on the street, on the sand, in the snow, through the mud, across the stream, through the woods, back across the street…you get the idea.

Rate: $75 per 24 hours.

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What the heck?

Fat bikes are the newest cycling innovation. They feature gigantic tires that look more suited to a motorcycle than a bicycle, giving you massive traction and “air ride” – literally – across all types of terrain. The huge tires can be dropped to super low pressures, meaning that you can ride across terrain that is soft, uneven, or simply impassible by conventional bikes, such as snow, sand, and deep mud. But they’re also super fun to ride around the city on, or just

Accessories and Add-ons

Since we know that many people are particular about their pedals, we are happy to install your pedal of choice for free if you bring them with you, or rent you a pair of our SPD, SPD-SL, or Look Keo pedals for just $20. If you aren’t picky, flat or toe cage pedals are available for no extra charge. We are currently unable to rent shoes, but have a full stock of Mavic and Shimano shoes at the shop if you need some new ones!

Car racks
Need to get to a race or ride? We have car racks available for rental as well! We have 3 and 5 bike racks for just $50 for up to 3 days, or $100 for up to a week. Racks fit most makes and models of car, but please call or stop by early if you are unsure.

*Flat Kits
Flat kits are included on all our road and mountain rentals for your convenience. Each flat kit includes materials to fix two flat tires. At the end of your rental, you will be charged regular retail prices for any tubes or other materials you used during your rental.