If You Want to Take a (Group) Ride with Me

Everyone at Urban AdvenTours is enjoying summer: blue skies, warm air, and exciting bike rides with new friends from all over the U.S. and the world. We can’t complain. But did you know we also run group tours? Besides the daily rides that Urban AdvenTours runs we offer a super way for groups to band together and become their own little cycling mob for a few hours.

Our group tours are an excellent way for your company, organization, or group to explore Boston in a fun, healthy, and environmentally friendly way. You might be in town for a convention and want to do a team-building event (biking is the new golf!), you might have a school group that would like to an engaging activity, or maybe you want get your friends together for a fun day out (maybe it’s your birthday). Whatever the occasion, doing a group ride is the perfect activity.

So what kinds of rides do we offer for groups? Well, besides our city tours we have some really cool rides crafted specifically for groups. Our most popular group tour is our own Paul Revere Ride to Freedom. We follow the route Paul Revere rode midnight April 18, 1775 from Boston to Concord to spread news that the British were coming. You’ll learn all about the events of the start of the American Revolution in the locations where they happened (UA guide Ed–in the photo above–has amazing encyclopedic knowledge on the subject).

We start at Landry’s Bicycles then head to the North End and see the Paul Revere statue, visit the Old North Church (where they hung those informative lanterns back in the day—you know, “one if by land, two if by sea”), then we cut through to Charlestown for a stop at the U.S.S. Constitution. At each location you’ll get some history and a little rest stop. Then we head north through Somerville and Medford to the Minuteman Bikeway all the way up to the Lexington Green (site of the “shot heard round the world”) for a catered lunch and a nice break. We finish our ride by heading to Concord and the Old North Bridge. It’s all very informative, but more importantly, it’s very fun.

We are also more than happy to put together a ride that is fitting for your group, like a Restaurant Ride or a Green Buildings of Boston Ride (both of which we’ve done in the past). There are endless permutations of what we can do, just contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you.

As far as logistics, we can accommodate 20-60 riders, each outfitted with bikes, helmets, and water. We provide a catered lunch and enough guides to ride with the group and help navigate everyone safely through the city streets and country roads. We also provide a ride back to your hotel or meeting point (or to a pub if you’re so inclined). The whole activity is really easy and it’s really fun.

If you’re interested in booking a group/corporate tour or have any questions about putting together a ride or just any questions at all, get in touch with Andrew, andrew@urbanadventours.com.

Check out this awesome little video we put together to give you a taste of what to expect:

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