Digging into some facts

Check out this data filled article from former UA Crew member, Patrick, over on the Boston Cyclist Union page: “Bike Share a game changer?”

Some highlights include:

Freedman said that with bike share we should, “expect a dramatic shift in the number of cyclists, and a dramatic shift in the type of cyclist,” in Boston. According to the experts, she is probably making an accurate prediction. Buhrmann has called bike share a “door opener.”


“The mayor wouldn’t pursue bike share if he wasn’t confident it could be a tremendous success,” said Freedman.

That’s city bike czar Nicole Freedman talking, as well as Sebastian Buhrmann, a transportation consultant. We’re certainly curious to see what happens and to hear your thoughts…

2 responses to “Digging into some facts”

  1. G$ says:

    Crew member? Show some respect, that is St. Patrick to you Bio Bus!

  2. patrick says:

    G$, you are too kind. And cheers to the Bus for the shout out!

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