Cool News from a Hot Truck: Hot Press, Hot Bikes, Hot Rides

Oh boy – I am hot, hot hot. Being a truck ain’t easy these days, what with the high temperatures and high gas prices – I feel like I’m about to overheat. At least I’m not putting too much of a dent in Urban AdvenTours pocket, since I run on recycled veggie oil. So my boss at Urban AdvenTours should be happy – especially since Urban AdvenTours is getting a lot of action these days…

  • First off, UA is blowing up in the press. National Geographic Traveler’s Intelligent Travel blog features our favorite green company prominently this week. Of course we here in Beantown know that Boston is quickly becoming a green city, with companies like Urban AdvenTours at the forefront of the green movement, but now the rest of the country is starting to pick up on the buzz. Our fair city offers incentives to green builders, eco-friendly food and clothing, and lots of environmentally friendly things to do – one of which is an awesome Urban AdvenTours bike tour of Boston. The word’s out now. Maybe this is the start of something beautiful.
  • Yours truly, the BioBus, is blowing up on the streets…look for me! And holler! I’m rocking a new Landry’s Bikes decal these days and delivering bikes all over the place…if you don’t know you better ask somebody! There’s no better way to get exercise in the summer heat than bike riding – you create your own breeze. And if you want to organize a group activity, get around the city, head out to the water, or just cruise at your leisure, give Urban AdvenTours a call and get me to bring bikes straight to your door.
  • Boston Natural Areas Network is using my services, having me deliver bikes to Boston schoolchildren so that they can explore the green places in and around their city by bicycle. The guides at Urban AdvenTours are happy to work with the kids, and the kids are happy to zip through the parks and trails that their city has to offer. Everybody wins – the kids learn about bikes and their city’s natural areas, Urban AdvenTours brings smiles to kids’ faces, and I get to do what I love to do: bring bikes to people who want to ride!

So, yes, the heat’s tough on the old BioBus, but I’d rather be out and about, moving and hustling, hauling bicycles and representing Urban AdvenTours on the streets. It’s better than sitting idle, or complaining about the weather, or (let’s not even think about it) shoveling snow.

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