Special access for your friendly neighborhood BioBus

We had a pretty cool event at Downtown Crossing last week. Kind of a mini-green fest of with ZipCar and the guys at MassBike. You’re probably thinking, the BioBus? In Downtown Crossing? Yep got VIP access for the event, rolled right in to an area that is usually restricted to pedestrian traffic.

Usually being on a bike gives us all kinds of access. While technically considered vehicles, we’ve got our own bike paths, and can hop off and walk our wheels on the sidewalk when needed. Our tours certainly take advantage of this, using streets, bike lanes, and bike paths. Riding bikes lets us explore parts of the city where cars are usually restricted, like the Esplanade, South West Corridor path and even cruising through the Boston Common.

There’s all kinds of urban planning to create green space and getting around by bike lets us explore all the little nooks and crannies of the city. You’ve probably got a secret spot of your own that we’d love to hear about. The Harbor Walk that winds under the Charlestown Bridge is our favorite new discovery. Leave us a comment with yours!

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