10 Questions – Get to know your guide: Kyle Bruley

As a way to get to know the Urban AdvenTours crew a little better, and to better understand what we’re all about, we’re sitting down some of our guides and staff to ask them a few questions. Ten questions to be exact – some bike-related, some not. First up in the hot seat, tour guide Kyle Bruley:

1. Why did you first start riding a bike?
I’m not quite sure – I rode out of the womb.

2. How did that turn into a desire to race? Any aspirations to go pro?
I started riding more for fitness rather than for recreation in high school. From that I dived helmet-first into racing when I started at Boston University as a freshman. I’d say if anyone even has a slight interest in seeing what [road] racing is like, they should go for it like I did. I “went for it” with 12 mile road races at the start and now I “go for it” with 90 mile races. Like Greg LeMond said, “It doesn’t get easier, you just go faster.”

My friend emailed me these two pictures after Nationals with the title “how far we’ve come.” What a difference 2000+ hours on a bike will do over 4 years.



No aspirations to go pro. Dreams, perhaps, but not aspirations. I’ll finish working on my Expert 2 upgrade and go from there.

3. Should everyone wear a RoadID?
No, the couch potato is exempt. In all seriousness though, anyone
who spends hours on a bike or out running should consider getting
one. You may not think you’ll need one, but like the Boy Scouts say: Be Prepared

4. We’ve seen you in pink socks. Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
Sometimes I like to push the envelope when it comes to fashion, but only ever-so-slightly. I like to go the radical distance, especially with color. Neon (pink) crew socks among an entire drawer of white, yellow fluo Rudy Project Genetyk sunglasses, and hopefully some yellow Mavic Zxellium shoes soon. The bottom line, however, is that comfort comes first, awesome fashion decision a close second.

5. What is your favorite part about giving tours?
You never get the same crowd twice out on tour. With every tour and every different group dynamic, the job never gets boring, not that it ever would otherwise…ever.

6. What’s the craziest thing you’ve even seen in an on-tour experience?
Craziest? Well, the most recent would have to be a man working at the MIT boathouse who walked down to the water, projectile vomited, and then promptly went back to work.

7. Where’s the best place in Boston to get your favorite food?
Anywhere that doesn’t try to sell at Philadelphia Cheesesteak to unsuspecting Bostonians and college students. They just don’t make them correctly by any stretch of the imagination; and the bread – all wrong! But I digress. Noodle Street makes a pretty rockin’ Chicken See Yoo.

8. What led you to Urban AdvenTours?
I love bikes and history, so naturally Urban AdvenTours was that third perfect bowl of porridge (I’m not quite sure what bowl one and two were…). If you’re looking for a more literal answer, it would be the rear wheel of Niko’s commuter bike. He brought me into the shop for the first time.

9. How do you feel about Lance Armstrong?
Lance has performed a duty for the world of cycling that I don’t think anyone will be able to match. So for that, I can look at the man with respect. His last two seasons, however, were far less respectful. He could have stayed in retirement to save some embarrassment, but his comeback did provide a slight kick for the sport.

10. Where’s the best place to bike – in Boston or beyond?
I’ll do you 3 times better: 1) There is a lot of great riding around Dover. If you’re looking for a ride, google “Charles River Wheelmen” and find their cue sheets for the area. They’re all marked on the road with upside-down directional “T”. 2) All roads lead to Concord. Loads of great riding out there, but one of my favorite rides goes through Concord out to Harvard, MA for an 80+ round trip to the city. 3) Not quite a ride so much as two of my favorite places to bike to with views of the city: Prospect Hill in Waltham and a nice Park in Arlington.

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