4th Annual Boston Bicycle Update

The downtown lecture hall at the Boston Public Library was filled with people who had one common interest: biking.  Livable Streets hosted Boston’s 4th Annual Bicycle Update, and a few important advocates and volunteers were given awards due to their outstanding support to making Boston’s streets safer and greener. The Bicycle Update highlighted the City’s ongoing efforts to make Boston one of the best cities to get around by bike in the world.

Photo credit: Jodi Hilton for The New York Times

Nicole Freedman, “Boston’s Bike Czarina,” has spearheaded the City’s Bike Program initiative, and explained in detail during her lively slideshow. She pointed out the 5 main goals for the future:

1. Expanding Hubway– Launched in July 28th, 2011, New Balance’s bike sharing program, currently has 60 stations and 600 bikes, and is planning on expanding into surrounding areas such as Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville this year.

Photo Credit: Hubway/Facebook

2. Creating the Bike Network– This is the blueprint for the 10-year plan to connect Boston’s surrounding neighborhoods. It will increase bike parking, adding 15-20 miles of bike lanes a year!

3. Developing open streets– Dedicating 1 day/month to bring families out on bikes. Events have been essential on getting people back on bikes. Boston Bike Week and Bike Friday successfully recruit new people to cycling and encourage existing cyclists to bike more.

4. Connect to Greenways– Meaning low stress streets!  70 parking spots have already been removed in the city on the Mass Ave. Bridge to Symphony Hall.

Perhaps we’ll see signs like these in Chicago soon?
Photo Credit: Bicycling Info.org

5. Prioritizing Bicycling– This goes along with walking and public transit. Since 2007, 50% more people in Boston are on bikes.

Along with other the City’s accomplishments such as the Roll it Forward Program, which has already donated 1,000 bikes to low-income residents, Urban Adventours is also thrilled to contribute to the efforts of creating a better cycling community! Not only do we get thousands of visitors on bikes, but we effectively support some youth programs such as Citizen Schools and Boston Natural Areas Network (BNAN). You can find us at every biking event that Boston offers, or stop by the bike shop and say hi!

Cheers to making Boston a better cycling community! 

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