Bike Lane

After years of waiting, Boston’s waterfront finally has a bike lane! We first got wind of this plan in late September, and then saw the actual product in November. Finally, the finishing touches of bike symbols, bike boxes, sharrows and dashed lines have been put in place, and the Atlantic Avenue/Surface Road bike lane is fully fledged.

Atl Ave Bike Lane 2

The northbound bike lane begins on Atlantic avenue at Essex st, right next to South Station. It continues along the waterfront, turning right when it passes our very own Mercantile Wharf, and changes into sharrows up by Langone Park, at Commercial and Charter streets, on the upper side of the North End. At nearly a mile and a half long, this makes it one of Boston’s longest bike lanes, after Commonwealth Avenue.

The Southbound side beings at the intersection of Causeway and North Washington streets, and continues all the way down Surface Road one and a half miles, all the way to Kneeland street. In addition, there is another bike lane which goes southbound on Commercial street, paralleling the one which comes off of Atlantic avenue.

Atl Ave Bike lane 1

Not only are these lanes functional, they are also quite scenic – the ride down Surface road affords you beautiful views of the Rose Kennedy Greenway and Downtown, and going up Atlantic Avenue allows you to enjoy the Greenway as well, but also intermittent views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Bike travel along these sections has improved significantly, and car traffic has calmed as well. North End resident and Urban Adventours customer Mike Hodgson mentioned that before the addition, the multiple lanes often snarled traffic during turns. “Now, it’s much safer for cyclists and drivers. It’ll also be interesting to see what happens in the summer next year, when heavy bike traffic picks up.”

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