Bikers of Boston: Sean and Vasya Cummings

I Bike BostonEvery once in a while a cyclist will stop by the shop riding something so remarkably unique that we feel compelled to get to know their story, and in turn share that with you. Sean Cummings and his son Vasya, decked out in cycling gear and an I Bike Boston sticker, came into the shop last week looking for a new rear wheel. We were so enamored by Sean’s one-of-a-kind creation that we couldn’t let them leave without snapping a couple pictures and asking some questions.

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What part of Boston do you call home?IMG_1482
We live and work in Beacon Hill and the Fenway.

What kind of use does the bike get?
I use the bike… or bakfiets as the dutch say… almost every day. Use it for a 3.6 mile school commute for a total of 14.4 miles-per-day. That, plus I move supplies for my business in it too. Art supplies, towels, wood, bricks… you name it. Even chunks of trees.

Could you tell us a little about the creation itself?
I built it from a circa-1980 Fuji 12-speed and a 90s kids Mongoose mountain bike that I picked up at a junk shop in Ayer [Massachusetts] for $20. That’s the front part.

Then there’s some iron blackpipe and steel angles from Home Depot, and a big steel tube down the center I reused from a big pull out couch frame. Then I welded that all together.

Steering is a linkage using rod end bearings I bought from Action Bearing in Union Square, Allston. It has a new Shimano V-brake in the front and a Shimano derailleur in the back… Five speeds with the current wheel. It’s surprisingly fast for the weight, holds three children, or 200+ pounds of stuff. Vasya gets a rear facing Yepp seat with harness, a dutch-made bike seat.

I built the bike in late 2013.

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