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“My family & I were in Boston almost three years ago (how time flies) and we participated on your tour. It was a blast and a great way to see Boston. I would recommend your bike tour and if we ever get back to Boston, we would book a tour again.
Thanks for the memories.”

Here are some of our favorite reviews:

It was the best part of their trip!

“Fantastic, knowledgeable staff, fun ride! This is my favorite thing I have done in Boston. Our guides were funny and intelligent, the equipment functional, the ride relatively easy, the guides kept us safe in the busy streets of Boston on a Saturday. I would definitely take another one of their tours at any time! There were at least 5 guides with us the whole time and the owner of the company rode with us for the first half hour to make sure everything was going well. This company is a class act!”
jennie40 (via TripAdvisor)

“It happened to be my birthday while we were visiting, so my birthday present was to rent some awesome tandem bikes. Now, four tandem bikes riding through the city of Boston seems pretty crazy – and it was, but it was the highlight of the trip while we were there. We couldn’t stop laughing. We went the rental route, and Natalie and the whole gang at Urban AdvenTours was amazing, friendly, and very helpful at explaining how to ride a tandem bike (first timers, here), where we needed to ride on the streets, the route, etc. It was a very fun way to see the city; especially parts of the city that we wouldn’t have seen if we didn’t ride bikes. Not only that, everyone in Boston was super friendly to us while we were riding around the city.

Urban AdvenTours exceeded my expectations, and I will definitely do it again next time I am there. The whole gang is awesome and even gave me a birthday goodie bag!”
Allison (via Yelp)

They saw lots of Boston from up close.

“My wife and I had a great time. We saw more of the city in 3 hours than we could have in a couple of days by ourselves. The equipment was top notch and the guides where great. We had more fun than two people should be allowed to have. If we get back to Boston we will ride again.”
jbojie (via Zerve)

“This tour is a fantastic way to see Boston. We had two guides and a mechanic on our tour. Both the guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. The bikes were in excellent condition and we were able to do 12 miles in 2-3 hours. The stops were well timed. I find biking tours to be an excellent way to really feel connected and grounded to a city. Any time we stopped our feet were planted on the ground and it is just a completely different feeling that sitting in a bus. I feel more in tune with the city this way. Bottom line… excellent tour, very professionally run.
teddygee (via Zerve)

“My friends from France and I rented bikes last week and what a great time we had! The staff were so friendly and helpful as they helped us find the right bikes and equipment. Then we spent a fabulous day biking around Boston, from the shop all the way to the Harvard campus and back passing through Beacon Hill, the Back Bay, the Common, etc. It is truly one of the best ways to see Boston! It was the first time for my friends to see this beautiful city I used to call home and it was excellent- we saw so much and didn’t have to spend any time on buses, finding parking, on the T, or walking forever.”
Susan (via TripAdvisor)

They had a great time with their family.

“My name is Madeleine, and am 10 years old. I went on one of the bike tours. It was the most fun thing to do in Boston. In my opinion. I got to have fun, learn some history, and go biking all at once! There are beautiful sights that I saw. I highly recommend these bike tours to children. There are some really friendly tour guides there. I went to the bridge of Cambridge, and I got to learn about Oliver Smoots. It’s an interesting story. If I could I would go back to Boston, and take another bike tour.”
Madeleine (via email)

“We are a family of 5 with children 11, 13 and 16. This was the best way to see a lot of Boston together and see many things we would not have seen using any other form of transportation. When our kids look back this will be one of their most vivid memories of our trip. Thank you.”
Eforrest1 (via Zerve)

“My 13 year old son and I took this tour on a Sunday morning. We had a blast! Our tour guide Ed was passionate and knowledgeable about Boston architecture, history and beauty. The bikes were sturdy and comfortable and the route with it’s ‘garden’ theme scenic and very do-able for this out of shape 40+ mother. My hard-to-impress (as he’s been too many places already) son deemed this ‘the best most awesome tour ever.’
t2y2_travels (via TripAdvisor)

They feel comfortable on a bike in the city now!

“It was Fantastic! Twice! I have encouraged everyone I know who has visited me to go on a tour and I have been on two myself! It’s a great way to see the ins and outs of the city and it really helped me become more comfortable finding my way around here. I also enjoyed the stops on our tour which were full of information and laughs from our tour guides. I also am more comfortable about biking in the city on a regular basis! Boston is really a walking city but this is a great way to cover more ground and to make your visit well worth it! Happy Biking!”
Ashley Haese (via email)

“I would just like to thank UrbanAdventours for giving me the courage to get on a bicycle again. Not only was your tour entertaining to a local Bostonian; it made me want to purchase a bike immediately and resolved my fear of bicycling in the city.
Thanks again!”
Steve (via email)

It was the best tour in Boston.

“I took a Duck Tour last year and it was fun, but the entire time I was bouncing along 10 feet above the streets. The guide was funny and informative, but I felt very disconnected from the city. Urban AdvenTours put me right on street level where I could feel the pulse of Boston. Riding was easy and fun and the staff was fantastic! You really get to explore the nooks and crannies of old and new Boston that you would never see on any other tour. Plus there is a real sense of accomplishment after the relaxing bike ride. Once the tour was over I headed into the nearby North End for some pastries and felt guilt free chowing down! Try feeling that way after sitting on your butt while a trolley drives you around the city. NOTHING beats Boston by bike! Safe and fun and I would recommend to anyone visiting the city. Also, the sunset tours are fun and romantic. Great for dates!“
kayo617 (via TripAdvisor)

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