Hub on Wheels 9/22/13

Shut down Storrow Drive with all our cycling friends on September 22nd for the 9th annual Hub on Wheels.  This event is presented by Mayor Menino’s Office of Special Events along with Boston Bikes.


Three options are available depending on how comfortable of a distance rider you are- 10 miles, 30 miles, and 50 miles.  The 10 mile route as well as Storrow Drive are completely car free!  All three rides offer the opportunity to see hidden paths, cool spots along the harbor, the river greenways, and neighborhoods throughout Boston.


The registration fee is only $45.  Any children under 10 years of age must ride with an adult either on a tandem, trailer-a-bike, bike seat, or trailer.  We have all of those available for rental so give us a call if any of those options interest you!  For children 10 and older we have a lot of kids bikes available as well as a full size run for adults of all heights!


We are offering a special deal for this great cause- 10% off all rentals.   Keep an eye out for our staff at the bike valet.  Hang out with us ahead of time by jumping in on our Thursday shop ride.  We’ll head out of our shop and go on a 20-30 miles loop. No one is left behind and first time riders can use one of our road bikes for free!

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