Kid’s Bikes

& Accessories

If you’re bringing a small rider, fret not! We have bikes and accessories for riders of almost every age. From baby seats to trailers to pint-sized bikes for young riders, we are happy to accommodate your little ones. Please contact us directly at 617.670.0637 to reserve specific children’s attachments.

*please note that Massachusetts State Law requires children under teh age of 16 to wear a helmet, and forbids children younger than 1 year from riding on any bicycle.

Kid’s Bikes

For kids who are able to ride by themselves, we have a full stock of bikes for riders as young as four years old. 20″, 24″, and 26″ bikes are available. Pictured is the Giant XTC – call for specific bikes and sizes. If you are booking online or by phone, please let the reservation agent the age and height of your children.

Rate: $40 per 24 hours.

Child Seats

Kid’s seats are available for attachment to any of our rental Hybrid City Bikes. These seats are appropriate for children 1-4 years old who weigh less than 50lbs. They are padded for comfort and have safety straps to hold your child right in place. We recommend not wearing a backpack when using child seats!

Rate: $25 in addition to any Hybrid Rental.

Tag Along Attachments

Trailer Bike
Tag Along attachments are an excellent solution for children who are too large for a child seat (or don’t want to ride in one!) but not quite able to ride a bike on their own. These attachments are sometimes called trail-a-bikes, tandems, or half-wheelers. They attach to the seatpost of an adult’s bike, and have a set of handlebars and pedals for little ones to use while riding. Many parents even feel that their children are pushing them during the ride!

Rate: $35 per 24 hours.

Burley Trailers

For parents with multiple children, this may be your easiest option. Burley Trailers are able to be attached to any hybrid bicycle – yours or ours – to take your little ones on a ride. The enclosed trailer holds two children, up to 100lbs total. The trailer is lower to the ground than a bicycle, but is brightly colored for safety.

Rate: $50 per 24 hours.


Q: Can I rent a bike JUST for my children? I already have a bike, or I don’t want to ride one.
A: Yes, of course. However, you will need to co-sign a waiver for them.
Q: Do you offer lessons?
A: No. Unfortunately, this is not yet in our range of offerings.
Q: Can I attach a baby seat to my own bike?
A: No. Our baby seats are designed specifically for the type of rack that is installed on our bikes. Other racks will not work, and to guarantee the safety of your children, we do not allow them to be installed on any other bikes.
Q: Can I attach a Tag Along or Burley Trailer to my own bike?
A: Maybe. While these accessories are designed to be used on almost any bike, we reserve the right to refuse to allow your bike to be used if we feel that it is not safe enough. Please allow us to inspect your bike before reserving a Trailer.