2014 Kona Coco

Kona Coco

I like mixte bikes. A rather random frame style to always look out for but I’ve just always thought they are beautiful. So when the 2014 Kona Coco rolled through our doors I immediately requested a test ride. With its matte green finish, full fenders, disc brakes and competitive pricing ($699!) the Coco is a bike that is immediately approachable.

I took the Coco home one day making stops first for dinner with my friend and then home along the Southwest Corridor. At the Christian Science Plaza I encouraged my friend, who is not a cyclist, to take it for a spin. “It’s comfy!” was the first thing she yelled out as riding away and I have to agree. With a fairly upright stance the bike’s “handplant” handlebars fit just right and the commuter saddle was cushy right where it should be. On my ride home I was able to easily keep up with traffic along Columbus Ave. and used my higher vantage point to my advantage when dinging the integrated bell at pedestrians along the path.

Although I normally ride (and love) my single speed the 1×9 drivetrain gave me lots of flexibility when cruising home or zipping into work the next morning. With disc brakes I was able to stop on a dime even in the misty Boston morning while staying dry behind the fenders! Although the Coco required slightly more pedal power to keep up with my usual commuting partners the benefits of a fully equipped, beautiful commuter bike right out the shop at $699 make the Kona Coco a bike I still stare at from time to time!

We currently have the Medium (47cm) 2014 Kona Coco in stock. Come stop by to take it for a spin!

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