Some longer rides for the longer days.

So it’s hot out.
Temperatures these past few weeks have been topping 90 degrees on a regular basis – so what’s a person to do to make the most of the days without wasting away hours in an air-conditioned room? Why not ride a bike? Here are some rides that will surely take your mind off the heat (and most of them have some sort of swimming hole along the way!)
A few weeks ago, I went along on the Paul Revere Ride to Freedom tour with Ed.
Urban AdvenTours - Paul Revere Ride to Freedom  - 6.24.12 9am
Ed, seen lecturing about the history of Old North Bridge
It was a wonderful ride, quickly leaving the hustle and bustle of Boston very quickly through Charlestown, and then on northward through the lovely towns of Medford, Arlington, Lexington, and Concord. Our group learned an enormous amount about pre-revolutionary New England, as did I, and enjoyed perfect weather the whole way along.
Perhaps my favorite part was Minuteman National Park, which lies along the road between Lexington and Concord.
Urban AdvenTours - Paul Revere Ride to Freedom  - 6.24.12 9am
It’s a splendid area of greenery with a network of dirt paths, stone walls, thick forest, and colonial-era houses, both original and rebuilt. Before going on the tour, I had no knowledge that this park existed, but now it’s definitely on my list of favorite places in the Boston area.
Want to take this tour on your own? Well, you’re in luck: we used a Garmin 800 on the ride to plot the route by GPS, and here it is:

Itching to get out to Cape Cod this summer? Want to really put some miles down and sleep ridiculously well the next night? Try a ride to Provincetown.

I went along on a ride with our old friend Mark from Landry’s a couple of weeks ago. I’m by no means a racer, or even a fast rider…and the pace that the group set for the trip down to the cape was crushing. I made it just to the Sagamore bridge, and then had to drop back into the support car.

The Sagamore is a pretty bridge, at least.
From where my GPS data leaves off, you can essentially continue straight on Route 6 and make it to Provincetown in about three more hours. There are plenty of beaches, towns, and lovely scenery to take in on your way down there.
I could go on all day about routes to try out…if you’d like to come along for a ride with us, be sure to check out our weekly ride series! It meets up at our shop, every Saturday at 8:30, and leaves at 9:00. The ride will be moderately paced, and roll for about 20-30 miles. We’ll see you out there!
Keep it wheel,

P.S. Stay tuned for more long riding reports – I’ll be attempting a 150 miler this week.

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