Midnight Marathon Ride

Midnight Marathon

Just imagine – a line of flickering red and white lights stretching for a mile in front of you, on an otherwise empty street in the dead of night in sleepy Eastern Mass. Is it a climactic scene from a horror film? Could be. Or, it’s the best way to kick of Marathon Monday – on the Midnight Marathon bike ride. This ride starts in Hopkinton MA, at 12:00 am, and follows the route of the marathon, past Wellesley College, through Brookline, and all the way to the finish line in Copley Square. The tradition started 5 years ago, and has gained a tremendous following. You will probably want to buy a commuter rail ticket to Hopkinton before they sell out; the MBTA has booked a few special trains just for the bikers.

And, of course you’ll need a bike. We’ve got plenty, and they are great for long rides! But hurry, be sure to book one before everyone else snatches them up! We are offering a Midnight Marathon special: 10% off on our bike rental rates – which brings a 24 hour rental of one of our popular hybrid bikes to just $30.00! The discount is applicable to all our bikes – road, mountain, whatever you prefer. Don’t miss out – call us soon!


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