Have you stopped by our shop recently? Nestled at the corner of Atlantic Avenue are our shops at 109 and 103 Atlantic Ave. You probably knew this already, but what you might not know is that throughout the summer we’ve been getting a ton of flashy new gear in stock.

The latest are our custom saddle bags. We have the Minicargo and Supercargo traditional saddle bags and also large Tri-Boxes. Inertia Designs made the sturdy little guys and stitched on the Urban AdvenTours logo in our signature green. The bags are made out of Cordura Nylon and truck tarp, so you know that these bad boys are waterproof. 3M Reflective tape is on the back of the saddle bags for safety too. The reflective tape is great because it doubles as a strap where you can attach a rear light such as the Swerve by Princeton Tec for added visibility. Inertia Designs makes all of their bags in the United States and guarantees your satisfaction on their products.

What do you put in your saddle bag? How about the tools you need to change a flat? We have Giant tubes of all sizes with valves of all kinds. Other than tubes, Pedro’s Tire Levers and Park Tool Patch Kits are cyclist necessities. In order to fill up those tubes after changing a flat or when you are running on low, you’ll need something along the lines of an air-pump. The Magic Flute by Portland Design Works is a handheld pump by day and a co2 tire inflator by night! Unless you are Mary Poppins your Magic Flute won’t fit in your saddle bag, but not to fear it has the power to attach to your top tube. That way you can be just as prepared as Mary Poppins is at all times.

And what about the tri-box? The tri-box is placed in between your top-tube and stem at an easily accessible location. Thus it is a great spot to stuff a bunch of energy snacks like Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch Clif Bars and Chocolate Gu Gels because if you are anything like me, constant snacking is a must and having to break from riding is just not allowed. Some people like to put more necessary items, like a cellphone in case of emergencies and keys into their tri-boxes, but practicality can only go so far.

Once you have everything you need to fix a flat and you have jammed your tri-box with enough treats to feed Ms. Poppins’ small fleet of children, then you should be ready to hit the road.

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