Photo Recap: Bike Friday, Brookline Bikes Parade

Wow! Now that was a whirlwind week of events. Bay State Bike Week never fails to impress, with tons of happenings and festivals bringing the bikers out of the woodwork and into the streets.

You might have seen us out there at the Rush Hour Race last Monday, Bike Friday, the String Theory Ride on Saturday, or Brookline Bikes’ Parade on Sunday. We know lots we saw lots of you folks out there, and that’s simply awesome! Let’s keep this going throughout the whole summer, shall we?

Instead of a tedious writeup, please enjoy below some choice photos from these lovely events.

These two stole the show with their awesome jerseys.
Bike Friday!
City Hall is pretty sometimes, I suppose.
Brookline Bikes
Brookline really brought the heat with nearly 1,000 riders on their annual parade.
Brookline Bikes
Recumbents, and even some pups were seen on the route.
Brookline Bikes
Now kids, don’t try this at home.
Brookline Bikes
As usual, our stickers and pins were a favorite with kids and adults alike.

That’s all for now, folks. Keep pedaling!
Keep it wheel,

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