Tour de Hives 6/09/13

The third annual Tour de Hives is just a few weeks away!  The Boston Beekeepers Club organized this one-of-a-kind event giving you a first hand look at beekeeping.

Take a bike tour of urban apiaries across the greater Boston area, from downtown Boston to Mission including a group picnic at the Fenway Victory Gardens.  The ride is Sunday, June 9th from 10am-4pm, and offers a great chance for people of all ages to learn more about honeybees and have a great time exploring a lesser-known side of Boston culture.

Honeybees play a huge role in our ecosystem, especially our food!  This ride exposes you to the world of honeybees and teaches why these little animals are so vital and how we can ensure their survival.  Last year the event was covered by The Boston Globe and had over 70 attendees.
Check them out the Boston Beekeepers on facebook for more information.

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