Bike MS: Cape Cod Getaway 6/29/13-6/30/13

If you know someone living with Multiple Sclerosis you may be aware of how scary this disease can be and how necessary research is to finding the cure.

A very good family friend of mine is battling with MS.  Quite honestly I didn’t know much about MS until she shared her diagnosis with our family.  There is no cure for MS currently, making the disease very scary for anyone living with it.  For that reason, research benefiting those living with MS is extremely  important in helping them live their lives to the fullest.  One day there could very well be a cure and your help could make the difference between someone living with MS and someone living without MS.

This year’s Bike MS: Cape Cod Getaway is from June 29th-30th. Spanning two days and covering 150 miles.  This ride is the largest MS ride in New England with over 2000 riders last year.

Join the fight against MS by signing up for the Cape Cod Getaway or donating on their website.

Our Thursday night rides can help you get ready for the race.  Come in and rent a road bike or ride your own.  No one is left behind on this training ride!

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