I like biking in the morning on weekends when no one is out. The peace and calm, the joy of not having to swerve and ring my bell and yell at pedestrians, it’s just me and a few dog walkers and some cute urban wildlife. Pigeons pecking at breadcrumbs, sparrows chirping together and squirrels fattening themselves on acorns.

That is when they aren’t running right at my wheel.

This has actually been a pretty big fear of mine, of a squirrel running into and then getting stuck in my wheel as I ride past. Fairly irrational fear I suppose, but this morning it almost came true. I was being a good biker and firmly declared my path to the squirrel, passing on the left like I should, when he got confused and did a zig zag, at least skimming my front wheel as I passed!

I slowed down as it happened, and looked back expecting the worse, but he was in good enough health to run up a tree, so I’m hopeful there is no lasting damage. So best of luck Mr. Squirrel, and my apologies for our skirmish this morning, although I remain convinced it is your fault. Can you spread the word not to run into the bikers?


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