Q: How do you know it’s springtime in Boston?

A: Bikes are whizzing by on every sunny city street, pedals flashing and rims gleaming, riders grinning in the breeze.

I never trusted a groundhog to tell me what season it is. Those furry rodents always get my hopes up and steer me wrong with their shadowy predictions. This year I am relying on some solid proof. So, without further ado, here it is, proof that Spring has truly sprung:

  • Proof 1: Everything’s budding and coming back to life. Urban AdvenTours, Boston’s own, all-bicycle, totally green tour, is back in the saddle with brand new tours and an all new website. Looks like those bicycle lovers won the City of Boston’s Bike Friendly Business Award for 2008 and, of course, they’re celebrating on two wheels, by kicking off a brand new Spring special Tour – The Funway to Fenway. Every Friday and Saturday at 6 they’ll be riding lovers of baseball and bikes (they go together like springtime and sunshine) down to Fenway to watch the game and root along at the very center of Red Sox Nation.
  • Proof 2: There’s a wonderful smell in the air. Could it be…BBQ? Redbones, the world’s greatest BBQ restaurant, is hosting their annual bike party May 12 to benefit the New England Mountain Biking Association and MassBike, two great bicycle advocates in the area. All the bikes and riders in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville will be there, getting their hands all messy with BBQ sauce and bike grease, listening to some great music and generally having a good time.
  • Proof 3: Swarms of life everywhere…especially at bicycle shops. Visit any bike shop (we recommend Landry’s) and you’ll find yourself in a hive of activity. Everyone’s getting a nice new ride or getting the old one out of the basement, tuned up, greased and ready to roll. Hopefully, they’ll be all set in time for Bay State Bike Week, May 12-19. The City and the Mayor are sponsoring a ton of events to get people out and riding, off to work or just for fun. In Boston alone there’ll be bike rentals, bike buddys and bike convoys for riders, pit stops and goodie zones for fun and food, and the 50,000 mile Commuter Challenge. Check it out and see what’s going on in your town.

So there you have it readers, official proof that Springtime (also known as Biketime) is here. If you don’t believe me, look outside…see the bikers? Go ahead, don’t resist the urge. Get out and enjoy it on two wheels.

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