Oh moving day

In last week’s transmission we discussed the oncoming deluge of students. Well another result of our city’s make up is the semi-holiday, Moving Day. September 1 is the start and end of so many Boston residents’ leases that the whole city seems to fill up with U-Hauls, boxes and packing tape.

With a change of address also comes a change of cycling commute. One of our UA crew members, Danielle is heading from Jamaica Plain to Somerville. She must bid adieu to the South West Corridor Path and the new bike lane on Columbus Ave. So long to the riders she passes every morning, the girl with the Bianchi, the guy who wears lots of orange.

Even little moves mean new starts, new bike neighbors. Boston is an ever-changing and evolving city and finding new routes is just part of what it takes to live here.

What’s your commute like? Favorite bridge over the Charles? Share your stories with us by leaving a comment, and good luck with your move!

One response to “Oh moving day”

  1. Matt says:

    I used to commute 2 miles from Brighton to Boston College, but I just moved to a closer apartment and now commute just 1 mile around the reservoir. It is a bittersweet change; I moved primarily to be closer to campus so I wouldn’t need to drive my car in the winter, but now my ride is sadly quite short! And I have an elevator now, so no more lugging my bike up and down from the 4th floor. At least I will never have to use my car.

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