Can I get a green jersey?

Tour de France has ended, with some big wins and fun coverage. If feels like we’re sprinting away over here right on through the summer, well worthy of that green jersey, plus it would match.

The shop is busy as ever with tours and rentals and tomorrow we kick off a major weekend. An event at Downtown Crossing will be a great excursion for anyone’s lunch break, tomorrow afternoon from 12-2 pm. Then we jump right into the PanMass Challenge weekend with Opening Ceremonies starting on Friday, July 31. If you still need a road bike come by the shop.

There is also a Boston Bikes Fest at City Hall Plaza on Friday morning. From 7am to 11am grab free breakfast and some swag from bike-friendly businesses like Urban AdvenTours before heading into work. Then bright and early Saturday morning we’ve got Tour de Farms riding through urban farms and community supported agriculture.

And we’ve sprinted into August!

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