Tuesday’s Tip – Head Coverings

Do you remember the first snow of 2012?  It was on 11/7 and I had brought my rain pants to work!  All geared up in a rain jacket, gloves and rain pants, Sadie and I set out for home, nervous and excited for our first winter cycling experience.

Overall it went pretty well, there was minimal slipping even with my skinny(-ish) road tires and the core of my body was actually the perfect temperature. Unfortunately there was one key body part I neglected to cover, my head!

Now, I had already learned about freezing ears from the previous winter and was prepared with some sweet behind-the-head earmuffs, but upon arriving home, Sadie and I both agreed that we felt like the sleet/snow had repeatedly slapped us in the face.  Additionally the assault of windblown sleet had significantly decreased visibility as I struggled to keep my eyes open at some of Boston’s notorious wind tunnels.

Normally I would wear a hat in the rain, so I believe that would significantly help, but the face slapping was very distracting and made me seriously consider a balaclava.

But, soon after, I realized that would really just hurt my already mussed bangs, and since my ears were already being kept toasty warm I instead started exploring neck warmer options, like the Louis Garneau Matrix Neck warmer that we carry in the shop. Made of breathable fabric and with the ability to be worn in a variety of styles (scarf! neck warmer! helmet liner!) this is the perfect option for me to protect my face from the assaults of winter.


The UA Bandits, ready for another season of winter riding!

What’s your favorite winter cycling wear?

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