Paul Revere Ride to Freedom

On this athletic-style tour, road bikes replace horses as you follow the path of Paul Revere’s fateful ride on the night of April 18th, 1775.

We are pleased to offer this tour as an athletic ride, with your ticket price including a high-quality, freshly tuned Giant road bike for you to follow your tour guide on. The ride leaves from our shop at 8:30 AM, and keeps a 15-mph pace across the entire 26-mile route to Concord.
For those unfamiliar with Paul Revere, allow us to inform you: Revere is a legendary symbol of American patriotism and history – his Midnight Ride, made legend by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s 1860 poem “Paul Revere’s Ride,” played an instrumental role in the opening days of the American Revolution. Without Revere, American history may have played out very differently. OnPaul Revere at the Old North Church this tour, Revere and other characters of the Revolution will come alive as your tour guide spins the tale of the Midnight Ride.

You may know the rest, in the books you have read. Now spur your steed and see the sights of that historic night:

  • The Old North Church
  • Downtown Somerville, Medford and Arlington
  • Lexington’s Battle Green
  • Battle Road and the Paul Revere Capture Site
  • The Minuteman National Historic Park
  • Old North Bridge and Concord Center

After the conclusion of the tour in Concord, you will have an option to take the MBTA Commuter rail back to North Station, or keep your bike for the rest of the day and enjoy the beautiful countryside of Massachusetts!

This tour is bookable only as a private tour and is priced on a bespoke basis. See our private tour page for more information on pricing. Please call us at 617-670-0637 or email us for a quote!

You’re welcome to rent a bike and ride the route yourself.
Check it out below or on Strava.

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