Cycle the WAVE (Women Against Violence Everywhere) 6/23/13

Looking for a non-competitive ride for a good cause?  Cycle the WAVE (Women Against Violence Everywhere) is a sponsored all-women cycling event.  CTW increases awareness on domestic violence by raising funds for the cause.

The ride started in Washington State in 2008 but has since grown and expanded into Massachusetts.  Proceeds go towards Web of Benefit and the Cycle the WAVE Foundation, which benefits domestic violence survivors.

At UA we strive to make every rider feel comfortable whether its their first time on a bike or they’ve been riding since childhood.  As our efforts continue to grow we are expanding our shop to include a store focused on women, hoping to help more women enter the cycling lifestyle.  I know I felt a little nervous walking into my first bike shop, so believe me when I say that UA can help you find the right bike and gear without feeling pressured.

Thursday night rides are available for anyone who wants more exposure to longer routes.  No one is left behind and free road bike rentals are available if its your first time, so join us to try your hand at long distance.

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