The Husky Hunt

RETURN HOURS EXTENDED!!! You may now return your bikes between 8am and 9am on Sunday morning.

Need a rental bike for the 2015 Northeastern University Husky Hunt? You’re in the right place!
NEW! You can now reserve your bikes ONLINE! Click the button below! The password is “husky” in all lowercase.
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Prefer to pick up the phone and talk to a real person? Just dial us up at 617-670-0637, and press option 7 when you hear the phone menu start.

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Wait, what is this all about?

Urban AdvenTours is proud to once again sponsor Northeastern University’s annual Husky Hunt. We are offering discounted bike rentals and 20% off or more on most items* in the shop! Cover more ground, more efficiently, and have fun doing it! You’ll learn new ways to get around, discover places you never knew existed, and may just want to keep that bike for the rest of your life.

Hybrid Bikes are discounted to $35 for the hunt, and groups of 5 or more save an additional $5 off each bike. ($30 per bike) The discount will be automatically applied if you are booking online. Bikes include locks, helmets, and maps. Due to a limited supply, lights will be included for the first 50 reservations. If reserving online, select only the amount of lights that you need and they will be pre-installed on your bikes. We have inexpensive lights ($20/pair) for purchase at our shop if you don’t make it into the first 50.

Want something faster or tougher? You can take 15% off any other rental bike type (tandem, road, or mountain: see options on the menu above) by calling us at 617-670-0637.

Important notes and FAQ’s:

  • You may pick up your bikes between 2pm and 6:45pm on Friday November 13th
  • If you are booking as a group, ALL members of the group must be present and signed in before ANY of you can pick up bikes. No exceptions.
  • Please let us know how tall all members of your group are. This will assist us in making sure your bikes are ready to go when you arrive.
  • You must return your bike by 7pm on Saturday November 14th, or between 8am and 9am on Sunday November 15th. If you fail to return your bike by that time you WILL be charged for an extra day. We are only open between 8am and 9am on Sunday the 15th.
  • What happens if my bike is stolen? You are responsible for the safety, security, and proper storage of all rented property while it is in your possession. In other words, if your bike is damaged, stolen, or lost, you will be liable for the FULL RETAIL COST of the property. Our locks are a great way to prevent theft, as is storing your bike inside.
  • Do I really need lights? Yes, you really do need lights. It’s not just common sense, it’s the law. MA State Law requires the use of bicycle lights 30 minutes before sunset and 30 minutes after sunrise. You can get ticketed for it. Why take the chance? Would you drive your car around without the lights on?

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Again, the password is “husky” in all lowercase.