Ride into the evening with Bikes@Night

We finally had a day that felt like summer (yesterday, not today’s drizzle), which means that it’s almost time for the Bikes@Night tours to begin! A favorite among tour guides and visitors alike, the Bikes@Night route takes you off the beaten path and is a beautiful look at the city at dusk. We’ll run the first Bikes@Night of 2011 next weekend. Here’s a preview until you come ride with us…

The tour begins at 6pm right as the evening starts to set in. Cruising down the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a park created by the Big Dig project, some of the sights along the way include Faneuil Hall, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the New England Aquarium, as well as all the buildings that make up the downtown skyline. After a few brief history lessons and viewings of the various art installations on the Greenway, the tour continues across the harbor and into South Boston.



Following what is otherwise a shipping route, the tour heads through industrial South Boston, all the way to its ultimate destination at Black Falcon Cruise Port. This long “dry dock” has an excellent view of Boston’s outer harbor, including Logan airport, the harbor islands, and East Boston. Sometimes, there are shipping boats as well as enormous cruise ships at port, offering an insight into the industrial side of Boston’s waterfront.



After a brief lookout from the peninsula, the cruise heads back up the waterfront, into the up-and-coming neighborhood of Fort Point Channel. Such new attractions as the Harpoon Brewery and Legal Sea Foods offer a tasty attraction, while more warehouses and fish markets once again remind you that this is indeed a working neighborhood.

The next stop is the ICA – the Institute of Contemporary Art. This museum exhibits modern art and often hosts live music and an interesting nightlife. The overhanging patio of the ICA offers a look at Boston’s nighttime skyline, with all the windows lit up against the sun is setting. This is possibly one of the best views of Boston.



A short ride down the Harborwalk brings the tour past the Federal Courthouse, and then back onto the city’s streets. The tour rides along the greenway again for a short time, but then crosses back onto the waterfront to admire the variety of boats in the harbor. A short stop at Rowe’s Wharf tells the story of the Boston Tea Party and the beginning of the revolutionary war.

The tour makes its last stop on the end of Long Wharf. This offers a final historic standpoint of Boston, looking up State Street and into the timeline of Boston’s expansion as a city. After wrapping up the history lessons, a final look onto the darkened harbor, and answers to any questions, the tour returns to the shop.


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