Meet the Gazelle!

A longtime staple of Dutch cycling has made its way to our shop: the Gazelle.

This bright orange bike is the Gazelle DutyNL. Equipped with a 3-speed Shimano Nexus hub, coaster brake, and oversized front rack, it’s simple, sleek, and ready to take on the streets of Boston. A step-through frame, full fenders, and fully enclosed chain mean you can ride to work, to school, or just to the grocery store in whatever outfit you choose, without worrying about grease, puddles, or getting caught up.

gazelle 2 sm

The frame has mounts for a rear rack, and a generator hub on the front. The big front rack has a 10kg weight limit – plenty for hauling groceries or carrying your briefcase.

gazelle 4 sm

One size fits most with an adjustable saddle height. The slick bike also includes a convenient immobilizer lock on the rear wheel – perfect for “just running in for a second” lock-ups.

These beautiful rides are on sale now for just $599.99.

Come by or call today to check out yours!

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