Surly Steamroller – $869.99

Surly_SteamrollerAs you’ve probably noticed, there are a whole bunch of fixed-gears out there nowadays, most of them either actual track bikes (not especially suited to streets and definitely not suited to paths) or modified fixed-gears that people ride like BMX bikes.  This is more like an all terrain fixed-gear, an updated version of bikes from the old days, long ago, when all bikes were fixed-gears, when people raced on flat oval dirt tracks, and when bad roads were the norm. The Steamroller is right at home in these conditions. What won’t it do? Bar spins.

Features and Specs:

    Color – Black, Cream, Gray-Green
    Sizes – 49cm, 53cm, 56cm, 59cm, 62cm
    Frame – 4130 CroMoly steel
    Fork – 4130 CroMoly steel
    Handlebars – Your choice!
    Drivetrain – 44t x 19t Fixed

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