Featured Cyclist: Greg L.

Greg L., or Uncle Greg as he is known around the shop, is one of Urban AdvenTours own Tour Guides!  Famed for his red Converse, eye-opening tours and ever-present Apple products, Greg can be seen riding along the Southwest Corridor throughout the year.


Q: How long have you been riding in Boston?
A: Since Larry Bird and I arrived in town in Oct of 1979.

Q: What type of bike do you ride?
A: Commuter: Trek Portland

Mt. : Cannondale F800

Trek 9000

Cross:  Ibis Hak-A-Luggi

Road:  BMC Team

Fun: 1949 Raleigh Lenten

Schwinn stingray

Q: How long have you been working with UA?
A: 4 years

Q: Any especially fond memories?
A: Every year taking my city view tour and leading the gay pride parade just ahead of the “Dykes on bikes” motorcycle group.

Q: What’s your favorite ride in Boston?
A: Emerald Necklace

Q: How often do you ride and to where?
A: Year round commuter. JP to Back Bay

Q: What is your ‘day job’?
A: Apple store. Teach workshops on our magical and revolutionary devices.

Q: Best advice for beginning city cyclists?
A: Helmet, lock, bell

Q: Anything else you want to add?
A: Ride On

Greg Peace

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