We do bike South End

Ah the South End. A neighborhood like that is where a truck can really get out and breath. Nice wide streets, the traffic’s not bad and there is lots of parking, at least in the SoWa (South of Washington Street) area. Thankfully the SoWa community took one of those parking lots that is particularly empty on the weekends and turned it into a weekly market! That’s where we’ll be hanging out on Sunday, June 14 at the Sowa Open Market.

Yeah, it will be a bright colorful event with crafts, a farmers’ and antique market, and we’ll be there with all our snazzy merchandise. You’ve seen the hats and probably the t-shirts, but have you seen the mugs? Kinda perfect for sipping tea on those grey days in the office, like it’s been this past week.

Swing by Harrison Street for a hopefully sunny afternoon of shopping and snacking, and say hi to the UA Team at our cool new booth.

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