Living the “Greenway”, not just on Earth Day, but EVERYDAY!


Everyone here at Urban AdvenTours is very excited that today is Earth Day, but it won’t really change our daily approach. We’ll continue to hop on our wheels, and tour people through Boston by bike. We’ll recycle, we’ll use environmentally friendly products, and we might even fill the Urban Mobile with vegetable oil, but we are not going to freak out about the world melting tomorrow. We know that the best way to live our lives is by making socially conscious decisions on a daily basis, not just on Earth Day.

So if you are like us, you’ve heard plenty about the ‘green movement’, and you are delighted people are finally paying attention to the environmental impact of their decisions, but you also know that the change starts with you, and your individual actions. Sure, electric cars, hydrogen cells, and paying to offset your carbon footprint are great steps, but we think the best way to make an immediate impact is to hop on your bike next time you need to run an errand or make it to a meeting. And if you think you want to tour Boston, we hope you will skip the trolley tours, the tour buses, the Duck Tours, and discover the wonderful charm and history of Boston’s neighborhoods on a bike with Urban AdvenTours. So on Earth Day, and every other day, we encourage you to ‘keep it wheel’!

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