A Greener BioBus

We all go through changes in life. We start as the cute innocent youngster, we hit puberty and become angsty teenagers where we wear outrageous clothing our mother’s shake their heads at. Then we finally grow out of our attitudes and discover ourselves as mature adults who love bikes.

Our little BioBus during its "hippy-crunchy" phase, hanging out with Phil, the shop hog

Well, our little BioBus seems to be maturing in much the same way. The little tyke started out as a 1987 Postal delivery truck. Then went through its pubescent phase when it decided it didn’t want to be like all the other trucks and became a bit of a hippy, choosing recycled vegetable-oil over regular fuel. During this phase the bus also thought it looked good in white with a mess of images and crazy fonts all over it. And just like a mother, we loved it with all our hearts, regardless of what it dressed in.

But just as we traded in our bad haircuts for self-discovery, so too has our beloved BioBus. The makeover was a process. First we had  to paint the entire BioBus the signature Urban AdvenTours green. We’ve covered up the previous fonts and images, much like the removal of an ex’s name we thought would be a great idea to get tattooed when we were 18 years young.


BioBus at 103 Atlantic Ave

Making it clean...

... and then mean and GREEN!

After that we recruited an artist, Dana Woulfe (you know, the cool mature role model) to stencil the new Urban AdvenTours logo on both sides of the truck and also “I ‘bike’ Boston” on the back of the truck.

I bike, you bike, we all bike Boston - courtesy of Dana Woulfe

Ready for my close-up. - courtesy of Dana Woulfe

The bus looks a lot classier and will be even more visible when it is out and about. So keep your eyes peeled for the new and improved, one hunk of a stud, and even greener BioBus.

New and Improved - courtesy of Dana Woulfe

One response to “A Greener BioBus”

  1. patrick says:

    had my doubts about a green biobus, but gotta admit that’s a pretty nice new coat of paint. compliments to dana (and parker, of course).

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