Winter Gear is Here!

Whether you like it or not, winter has arrived! Perhaps not today with our 50 degree weather but it’s right around the corner, right? This late fall were having is a great reason to keep the momentum rolling and keep riding right into the winter months. We have been stocking up on cold weather gear to keep you on the bike through all the snow, ice, and wind. If you are going to be riding throughout the winter, it is a good idea to invest in some warm, dry clothing. From our classic Louis Garneau Enerblock commuter jacket to the Louis Garneau Seattle Rain Pants we can help take the bite off those subzero wind chills.

In addition to keeping your core warm, your fingers, toes, and head will be the first to feel the cold. We carry waterproof booties from craft, a wide range of gloves from both Craft and Louis Garneau, and a selection of hats and warm socks from Louis Garneau and Craft. A staff favorite is the Louis Garneau Typhoon Lobster glove for those days when many people opt to stay inside. Looking cool never felt so warm.

Winter riding is very tough on your bike, and the last thing you want is to sitting on the roadside repairing you bike while your fingers freeze. Fenders are one of the most important accessories you can put on your bike to help it last throughout the winter. Our classic full coverage, the SKS Commuter Fender, keeps all the water and salt off you and all the exposed metal in your drivetrain. Just like any machine, it is always a good idea to perform a little preventative maintenance. Make sure you keep you chain clean and lubricated with a “wet” lube such as Rock n’ Roll Gold Lube or Pedro’s Syn Lube.

Stop by Urban Adventours before the winter really sets in. We will be your one stop shop to keep you riding throughout the coming months!

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