UA Staff Zings through Boston

UA Crew member Karen tells us the story of how she came to own the Kona Zing. An awesomely fun road bike, take a peek at the brand new, freshly launched 2011 Kona Zing:

When I was 13, my mom bought me my first real bike when I agreed to go on a 300-mile bike adventure with her. Before that, I had just had bikes from Wal-Mart and garage sales that cost $5. Those bikes were fine for short family rides, but I knew I’d need something a little better than that to make it 300 miles.

So after a few training rides, we went to the local bike shop and had the owner tell us all about a variety of different bikes before I settled on a 21-speed Iron Horse hybrid. The seat was a little cushy, the tires smooth, and the frame shiny. After my first 10-mile jaunt, I knew that bike was perfect for me. It survived thousands of miles over the past eight years, but every bike has its time and my riding style had outgrown a heavy, steel hybrid.

After eyeing the all the new roadies at the Bike Shop on 109 Atlantic Avenue, I knew it was time for an upgrade. Of course, I had a list of requirements my new bike would have to meet, and after test riding a few, I settled on the Kona Zing. While Kona is known mostly for its mountain bikes, this road bike lives up to its name. After the first few strokes of the pedal, I was zooming down Commercial St. with much more ease than my previous ride. The slightly dropped handlebars (with blue suede bar tape), the lightweight aluminum frame, and thin tires make all the difference.

After a quick tour of the North End, I instantly fell in love with the sleek black and blue velocipede and bought it on the spot. My college student bank account stung a little bit at the checkout, but for a quality road bike, you’re not going to find a much better deal. After a month of riding my Zing around Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville, my only complaint is that it doesn’t handle the potholes and bumpy roads very well. But it more than makes up for it in every other aspect. I’ll always remember how much I loved my first bike, and it served me well. But after every ride with the Zing, I’m a little happier.

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