Tuesday’s Tip: Chain Lube

Has anyone else felt the rapid decline into Winter this last week?  Ever since I turned my clock back I think the cold has really set into both my house and my bones.  It is making me think more about what I wear when biking, but also about my bike!

Like most bike owners I am fairly attached to my ride, and I want to make sure that she (that’s right, my bike is a girl, no name yet though) continues to ride in fine condition whatever this winter may bring.  I’ll soon start exploring options for knobbier tires but for now I am intent on keeping my chain in good condition.

Chain 2Chain 1

With all the salt and other grime that will soon be on the road, in addition to the water that Boston bicycles are constantly exposed to, frequently lubing your chain is very important to keep a bike running properly.  Without lube the chain may start to rust, either seizing in place, or causing the chain to break, either of which are bad for both you and the bike.  Alternatively the bike may just squeak a lot, which is annoying to you and your fellow riders!

To clean and lube your chain, you can either remove the chain from the bike and soak it in a solvent, or simply stay active in your cleaning schedule and clean/lube the chain on the bike.  For this easier method, first either flip the bike upside down or put it in your stand, then ready your lube (we recommend Rock N’ Roll brand) and generously apply to the chain while pedaling backwards.  This will both clean and lube your chain, letting you wipe off the excess with a clean cloth.  For best results lube and clean again and then let the lube soak in (AKA don’t ride your bike immediately) so that it can fully set.

Rock N' Roll Lube

The "King of Lubes"

To purchase lube, other winter gear or just get more tips, visit The Shop at Urban AdvenTours, open daily from 9am-6pm.  Ride safe!

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