Thursday’s Thoughts: Tools of the Trade

I got a flat on Tuesday.  No big deal, right? I don’t carry a flat kit so I loaded my bike up on the 39 and arrived home in decent time.  Shook some of the dirty snow off of it and flipped it over in my living room!

This should have been a pretty standard flat fix, I’m not the fastest and sometimes I get caught on getting the last part of the tire over the rim, but yeah, I can fix a flat. So, I pulled out my little wrench, dug out my spare tube and the tire levers that I had taken from my Grandpa’s garage a few years back and got to work.

Except I didn’t get anywhere. The wrench is a simple adjustable one, cheapest available from Home Depot, and it just couldn’t keep a hold on my bolt. I felt like I was stripping the outside of the bolt off so I stopped and rummaged around my roommate’s tool kit, you never know what you might find there!

I was in luck because there was a lovely 15mm socket wrench just waiting for me. With the help of a better grip and a little more leverage I was able to get the wheel off, so I turned on the tv for a little entertainment as I worked.

Unfortunately the show turned out to be about 45 minutes too long as next I couldn’t get the tire off! After about ten minutes of struggling with my so-so tire levers I admitted temporary defeat and decided to just clean my wheel. Might as well make the bike sitting inside look pretty, right?

So, I took the T in today, but it got me thinking. Theoretically I had everything needed to change this flat, but practically it just wasn’t there. Time to start putting together a bicycle tools needed list! Tonight I’m going home with a pair of these:

Pedro's Levers

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